About Julia

In possession of a very diverse career of 40 years, beginning in Sydney where I completed my training in a leading Double Bay salon.

I then had eight years running a very busy salon in Sydney with my partner and eventually the “siren song of la dolce vita” called again….. so this time, I went to live it.

Deciding to settle in Amsterdam, I was fortunate enough to land the dream job as senior hairdresser in the beauty salon of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel – and there I stayed for 11 years. My one and only job the entire time I lived there!  I feel very, very blessed indeed to have had that experience on the world stage.

It was time to come home to Australia, and vowing never to be cold again, I have made this paradise here in Port Douglas my home.

Now I have been in my relaxing salon (see Gallery) for ten (!!) years now & I can say I am definately happy 🙂  I guess that shows in my work when I’m having fun…. I have been a finalist in the Port Douglas Business Awards in 2012, 2013,2014,2015 & 2016 🙂 It’s an awsome feeling to think that this is entirely customer voted….. so thank you to all those lovely people that I see weekly, monthly, seasonal or just occasionally.

Keep an eye on our gallery, where we shall be sharing some of our creations 😉

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keuneI have been using and recommending Keune for 15 years now, both as my preferred colour product and also my basin and retail line. As a colour specialist, it is vital that the product lives up to my expectations and I have been more than satisfied that Keune does just that.

I choose to use and recommend both Keune, a leading European brand & Everescents, an organic range of products made here in Australia. Given that science is such an integral part of hairdressing, (and another aspect I enjoy) my choice of products is an important one….

Two products, two reasons, two choices

everescentsThe Everescents range I accepted because I wanted to give my clients a purely organic alternative. I love not only the product, but also their philosophy.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% Plant based ingredients
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • Something for everyone

“Thank you Julia! I can always count on you to recommend the best products for my Wild Locks!!! Keune ‘Care Line’ Ultimate Control conditioner has tamed my hair beautifully… feels lovely & soft now… I don’t need to use much & it smells great too!!! PERFECT :-)”

Nicola Smith

Port Douglas 11.02.2014



Whilst possessing extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of hairdressing, colour is really “my thing”. I am the artist and my clients, are my canvas. It is without doubt, my favourite thing to do, and when I have made someone feel fabulous by making them look great – that is my reward.

Considered “Port’s colour specialist”, there is no mess I can’t fix….. Indeed corrective colour is a fun challenge for me 🙂 .

Given Port Douglas’ reputation as a wedding mecca, I have uncovered both a hidden talent and another aspect of hairdressing that I enjoy…. & as you can see by the gallery shots, we’ve been having fun!

Please feel free to contact me for prices or even better, come in for a consultation & a friendly chat.